Pardon Clinic Volunteer Task Force

Chuka Ejeckam

Chuka is a political researcher and writer, and works in the labour movement in British Columbia. His work focuses on political and economic inequity and inequality, reparative drug policy, structural racism, and labour.



Emmanuel Appiah

I am an incoming law student at uOttawa Law,  interested in privacy, human rights, copyright, and digital justice. I first became interested in law from observing my community’s interaction with law enforcement and understanding the power it holds for those in marginalized communities. Aligning with Cannabis Amnesty’s work, I want to work towards meaningful cannabis justice for those disproportionally affected by anti-drug policies in Canada. 



Tiffany Phan

I am a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. My lifelong passion for equity, fairness, and justice motivates me to pursue a career in criminal law. The historic criminalization of cannabis possession continues to disproportionately target and affect poor and racialized communities, especially now that cannabis is a multibillion-dollar industry. Injustice can and does flow out of the criminal justice system, which is why I am volunteering with Cannabis Amnesty to assist with the development of their pardon clinic.

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