The Team

We are a group of lawyers, activists, and entrepreneurs brought together by the belief that the harms caused by decades of marijuana prohibition must be set right.

Annamaria Enenajor

Campaign Director

I am a lawyer, author and educator. I practice criminal, constitutional and regulatory law at Ruby, Shiller & Enenajor, Barristers. I was drawn to criminal defence by my belief that each of us is more than the worst thing we have ever done. Through my practice I have learned that the most vulnerable in society are often the most criminalized. Fighting for my clients is my first passion. Advocating for systemic change is a close second.

Akwasi Owusu-Bempah

Director of Research

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto. Trained in the field of criminology, I have been doing cannabis related policy and research work for over fifteen years. Along with a passion for social justice, I bring this experience to the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty.

Rashmi Kumar

Social Media Coordinator

I am a criminal defence lawyer at Hicks Adams LLP, a Toronto based full service criminal trials and appeals firm. Raised in a marginalized community in Toronto, I have a long history of working alongside vulnerable populations. Fair and equitable application of the law is of the utmost importance to me.

Reena Rampersand

Volunteer Coordinator

I am the owner/operator of both The Limin Coconut and High Society Supper Club catering and special events company in Hamilton, Ontario. I have spent over a decade advocating for social justice issues as a social worker in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Having had many family members who were victims of the war on drugs I decided to focus my advocacy efforts within and around the cannabis industry.

Shilbee Kim

Communications Coordinator

I am a social entrepreneur, community builder, and experience creator. 
I have managed social enterprises through the Centre for Social Innovation Regent Park and the Native Women’s Resource Centre. My passion is working on solutions to intractable social issues and believe that the booming cannabis industry in Canada has the potential to serve all, not just the few.

Stephanie Di Giuseppe

Director of Fundraising & Sponsorship

I am a criminal and constitutional lawyer, practicing in Toronto. I am passionate about working through the law to advocate for individuals rights and social justice reform in Canadian society. Behind every individual I work with is a story. My role is give those stories a voice. I’m proud to be part of this Campaign, which speaks for the hundreds and thousands of Canadians who have been harmed through the prohibition of Cannabis.

Tyler James

Community Outreach Coordinator

I bring years of cultivated relationships in business and the cannabis industry to the amnesty campaign. In Ontario, I am championing for greater access, patients rights, and the need for cannabis lounges through the Sensible Ontario campaign. My role is to help mobilize the community and assist with media engagement.

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