Sponsors & Contributors

The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty is a non-partisan organization committed to achieving justice and equity on issues related to cannabis in Canada. We feel privileged to work alongside a dynamic Canadian cannabis industry and are open to working with all actor who shares our passion for amnesty. We will partner with political entities, corporations, small businesses, grassroots organizations, grey market actors, and emerging and veteran activists because we believe that, despite our differences, we can all work together to advance our common objective of cannabis amnesty.

Through dialogue, honesty and integrity, we find common ground with the various organizations and individuals we work with. We have partnered with a number of actors to spread awareness about cannabis amnesty and the fight for the expungement of criminal records for personal possession of cannabis. Our partnerships make us stronger.

That said, our operational and philosophical independence is extremely important to us. We will be uncompromising when it comes to fighting for the rights of vulnerable, Indigenous and racialized communities harmed by the war on drugs.

The diverse actors we work with have a variety of opinions on many of the other issues impacting the cannabis space. We do not necessarily share our partners’ opinions on all of these issues, nor do we necessarily agree with all of the opinions held by the politicians and political parties that we work and engage with.

What unites all of us is our fight for cannabis amnesty.

We are always open to hearing people’s feedback and ideas so if you have comments to share to help us advance our goals, please email [email protected]

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