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May 2, 2018
Liberal MP hints criminal records for marijuana possession will be cleared

April 20, 2018
Canada is facing mounting pressure to grant mass pardons for weed possession

February 9, 2018
Pot activist calls for pardons, compensation for those with cannabis convictions

February 8, 2018
Investigating Pot Laws with Annamaria Enenajor on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

February 5, 2018
The case for pardoning those with marijuana convictions

February 2, 2018
Lawyers consider legal action if Liberal government doesn't overturn past convictions for marijuana crimes

January 22, 2018
Trudeau government should create process to pardon, expunge criminal records of Canadians with cannabis offences

January 16, 2018
Cannabis amnesty makes headlines

January 15, 2018
Canada needs to clear the air – and wipe away criminal records for marijuana

January 15, 2018
Amnesty for pot possession is the right move

January 13, 2018
Consideration of pot pardons overdue, says Ottawa activist

January 12, 2018
Ottawa looking at amnesty for pot possession convictions: Goodale

January 12, 2018
Clemency for Cannabis Crimes?

December 23, 2017
Pot laws smouldering discontent: critics

October, 10, 2017
News Release - Public Safety Canada

August 2, 2017
The race case for reefer reparations

September 25, 2017
McAleese: Here's why Canada needs more automatic pardons for crimes

April 27, 2017
Commentary: Cannabis legalization without amnesty is meaningless

May 29, 2017
Marijuana amnesty for all?

May 21, 2017
Canadians want Ottawa to erase old marijuana convictions, poll finds

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