Frequently Asked Questions

What is going to happen to my information?


Any personal information provided to the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty will be kept confidential. It will never be shared outside the Campaign. Your contact information will be used exclusively for the purpose of communicating with you about the Campaign.

Where does my money go?


The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty is a not-for-profit campaign directed by volunteers and funded by contributions from the public. All contributions made to the campaign go towards the external costs of developing campaign resources, engaging the public and spreading the word. These expenses include website design, video hosting platforms, advertising and promotion.

Are you affiliated with a political party?


No. The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty is not affiliated with any political party at any level of government. We are an issue-based campaign and work with allies and stakeholders from all over the political spectrum. We believe that speaking truth to power and challenging the status quo requires independence from party politics.

What constitutes a minor cannabis possession offence?


At the outset, we are asking the government to pardon convictions for the possession of a Schedule II substance (cannabis, its preparations and derivatives) under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act where the amount possessed indicated that substance was for personal use.

How many people does this impact in Canada?


It is estimated that presently, as many as 500,000 have a criminal record related to simple possession of marijuana.

Are there examples outside of Canada where cannabis amnesty has been granted?


There are a number of jurisdictions in the United States moving towards cannabis amnesty. In April 2018, the City of Seattle filed a motion in municipal court that would have the effect of rendering all misdemeanor marijuana convictions in the city retroactively void. San Francisco and San Diego filed similar motions earlier this year.

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