Jamie Shaw, Niche Director & BCICA Director, Cannabis Advocate

The reason we regulate anything is to discourage uncivil behaviour, from littering to unscrupulous business practises; not to protect people from a plant; and certainly not to continue criminalizing and fining people for using that plant pretty much anywhere.

Mike Shriner, Leader of Green Party Ontario

"Criminal records for petty cannabis offences continue to be a roadblock for already marginalized populations, and wiping them away should be looked at as the fair thing to do."

Mike Schreiner, Green Party Leader of Ontario

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Liberal M.P.

“The criminalization of cannabis is a longstanding injustice. Amnesty for possession is necessary to correct the injustice as best we can. It’s the right things to do, and we should act on it immediately.”

Ian Campeau, Deejay NDN

"Legalization without amnesty is oppressive monopolization"

- Ian Campeau, Deejay NDN

Matthew Green, Hamilton City Councillor

As a Hamilton City Councillor whose residents have been targeted, criminalized, and incarcerated for past cannabis related offences; and given the exclusive nature in which this government had provided access to legalization, cannabis licensing, and corporate profiteering, I am calling for full Amnesty for all people convicted of nonviolent Cannabis crimes, past and present, including those currently incarcerated. 

Free Them All. 

In Solidarity,

Matthew Green
Hamilton City Councillor, Ward 3

Jodie Emery, Cannabis Rights Activist

"Cannabis Amnesty is deeply important to me as a long-time cannabis activist. The primary reason to legalize cannabis is to end the numerous civil liberties violations and unjust criminalization harms related to prohibition policies. Cannabis-related criminal records prevent our fellow citizens from being treated equally regarding employment, housing, travel and even parenting. It's irrefutable that cannabis and drug prohibition laws have been used to disproportionately target and harm our most marginalized citizens, including black, brown, indigenous, poor and young Canadians. 

The only legitimate form of cannabis legalization must include an acknowledgement of the discrimination and stigma that harms people criminalized for cannabis; an apology and amnesty for citizens with cannabis criminal records; and reparations for prohibition victims, to repair the damage caused by decades of costly, punitive prohibition law enforcement.

That is why I am devoted to calling for an arrest moratorium, cannabis amnesty, and retroactive removal of all non-violent cannabis criminal records, including for those who provide access to cannabis. Legalization is supposed to be about restoring justice. Without Cannabis Amnesty, there will be no justice. Cannabis Amnesty must be granted immediately to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians with cannabis-related criminal records."

– Jodie Emery

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