Doja and Cannabis Amnesty launch Pardon

DOJA Cannabis Limited and the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty are excited to announce the launch of PARDON, an advocacy campaign and product line that brings awareness to the injustices that cannabis prohibition has caused. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of PARDON products will be contributed to the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty. PARDON Products are also available at and in store at DOJA locations.

Trent Kitsch, the founder of DOJA, commented that “The partnership with Cannabis Amnesty is a natural fit for DOJA. We care about community and as we head closer to cannabis legalization, the amazing work that Cannabis Amnesty is doing is ever-more important. The prohibition of this plant has compromised the health and happiness of many individuals–it's time this comes to an end.”

Annamaria Enenajor, Director of the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty agreed, noting that, “cannabis prohibition has destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadians*. We are proud to be working with DOJA on PARDON, a product line and advocacy campaign that will bring awareness to Cannabis Amnesty’s goal: pardons for all individuals with a criminal record for personal possession of cannabis.” Stephanie DiGiuseppe, the Campaign’s Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship, added “DOJA’s strong commitment to amnesty in the cannabis space makes them a perfect partner for the Campaign. We look forward to working closely together with DOJA to right the historical wrongs cannabis prohibition has left behind.” 

*Center for Addiction and Mental Health – Cannabis Policy Framework, October 2014


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